Allen Brochure 24 TJ500 1000 Thermal_Inkjet

TJ500/1000 Thermal Inkjet

Diagraph Thermal Jet printers are low-cost Inkjet systems that
offer highly reliable thermal jet technology, high-resolution
printing, easy-to-change ink cartridges, and a wealth of
industrial-grade performance features. The TJ500 provides up
to 5 lines of print, the TJ1000 offers up to 10 lines.

Key Features
• Prints characters 2.5mm, 6.25mm, 13mm,
19.25mm, or 25mm tall
• Print up to 10 lines of data
• Prints bar codes, alphanumerics, logos, auto
codes and 2D DataMatrix codes
• Enclosed industrial printhead
• Can be driven by Hand Held Controller, PC, or
direct serial interface
• Easy snap-in/snap-out method for changing ink
• Stainless steel faceplate with built-in photo
sensors to detect product speed & direction
• 300 dpi vertical and horizontal resolution
• Print speeds up to 60m/minute
• Channel purge at the printhead
• Smart Level Ink Detection System provides
“ink low” and “ink out” cartridge status

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