High throughput rates coupled with best in class sensitivity makes the INSIGHT VF system ideal for the detection and rejection of metallic
contamination during the handling of free falling materials either at the beginning of a production line or at any suitable point in manufacturing.
Ideal for processing cereals, cocoa, coffee, sugars, spices, dried fruit and vegetables, flour, milk powder products, rice, chemical granules and
plastic pellets.
Metal detection and signal processing take place in the compact INTEGRATED DIGITAL SEARCH HEAD. Sophisticated OPTIX detector management
software uses Locks unique DDS (Direct Digital Signal) vector diagram to generate the detailed product profile needed to achieve
perfect product setups delivering industry leading sensitivities for both magnetic and non magnetic metals, accurately detecting the tiniest
particles of challenging contaminants such as stainless steel wire.
The INSIGHT VF sets new standards for good manufacturing practice – specifically – traceability, efficiency, product quality, and compliance
with existing as well as forthcoming regulatory requirements. Each unit is supplied with an external USB port to download data for secure storage
and distribution in pdf or other formats. Wired or wireless ethernet and SCADA capability are available.

Integrated Digital Search
Head and DDS vector
display deliver perfect
product setups
• Best in class sensitivity to
magnetic and non magnetic
• Minimum installation space
required due to compact
• Throughput up to 50
tonnes per hour
• Supplied complete with
frame, throughput tube and
choice of quick release
reject devices
• External USB port
• Available with wired or
wireless ethernet datalink
port and SCADA capability
• INSIGHT VF detector heads
are sealed to IP66 (NEMA
High throughput rates coupled with best in class sensitivity makes the INSIGHT VF system ideal for the detection and rejection of metallic

Automatic Setup
The INSIGHT VF will automatically
setup and store 200 different presets,
calibrating for product signal as each
material passes through the system.
This ensures maximum productivity
with industry leading sensitivity to
the tiniest conductive and non conductive
metal contaminants.
Integrated Digital Search Head
• Metal detection, control and
signal processing all take place
within the ultra compact detector
• Automatic balance control for
adjustment-free operation
• User-replaceable electronic module
for minimum downtime
• Available to suit product feed tube
sizes with diameters between
50mm/2” and 300mm/12” in
50mm/2” increments
• Sealed to IP66/NEMA 4X

OPTIX Software
OPTIX is a powerful diagnostic and
problem solving tool for engineers
and operators. Functions available
using OPTIX are:
– Reports
– Direct Digital Signal (DDS) Viewer
– Memory Backup
– Language and Software Update
– Diagnostics
• User friendly membrane or optional
touchscreen HMI both feature
multi language options and DDS
(Direct Digital Signal) vector
diagram display a view into the
metal detector
• Automatic TEST SAMPLE prompt
• Permanent memory stores up to
8000 data events, which are retained
when power is interrupted
or disconnected
• Data reports can be downloaded
to a standard memory stick for
secure storage or distribution in
pdf and other formats
• Pneumatically operated sealed
flap or cowbell reject mechanisms
can be specified according to application
• TEST BALL KIT supplied as
standard to ensure accurate and
dependable in process testing. Kit
comprises test sample, grid and
catch tray

Security Codes
Four password protected security
levels are provided:
L1: Operator level to change product
L2: Supervisor level to change setup
L3: Engineering level to access factory
setup parameters
L4: Administration level to enable
multi-user ID/password system
Every INSIGHT VF metal detector
is available with wired or wireless
ethernet connectivity and SCADA
capability. The external USB port
allows all events and product presets
to be downloaded onto a standard
memory stick or PC to enable secure
storage and distribution of quality
records in PDF or other formats.
• Voltage-free relay contacts. Rating
240V, 3A resistive
Power Supply
• Universal power supply 88-264V
AC 47-63Hz
Operating Environment
• Temperature: -10° to 60°C/14° to
• Humidity: up to 95% RH