Limitag v5 L735/LK512 UV

High Resolution Industrial Inkjet Printer
Instant drying ink, strong adhesion


• High resolution inkjet printer
• Direct printing on any surface
• High quality barcodes (ISO-Level A)
• WYSIWYG with 8’’ full color Touchscreen
• GS1 coding standards (EAN/UCC-128)
• Text, barcode, logo and image printing up to native 720 dpi
• Photorealistic image greyscale conversion for HiRes decoration
• Windows™ TrueType™ and Adobe™ fonts
• End user PC connection / direct protocol integration
• Multi I/O: Ethernet, WiFi, Bluetooth, USB, Serial
• External Hardware message selection
• Integrated webserver for full user-level remote control


• Personalization / Box Decoration.
• Product ID & Coding / Datamatrix
• On-line barcode printing / real time SSCC.
• Gereric brands / special productions
• Mailing / Track & Trace


• Up to 4 autonomous printheads. 70 boxes / minute each up to 720dpi with real-time data
• Almost Zero Maintenance . Does not need periodic flushes
• Easy access to external databases. Direct protocol to obtain real time external data to print
• Stock reductions thanks to anonymous boxes customization for individual customers
• Multiproduct: PLC pluggable to remote message selection
• Real time product coding and identification
• Omnidirectional printing: side, top, bottom and at any angle (e.g. ramps) up to 90º