metal detector conveyor

Adaptable and tough variable
frequency metal detection systems for
the food, and packaging industries


Loma offers a range of systems that meets the criteria of
accurate inspection and durability.
The Loma’s IQ3 range has been engineered for quick, simple
setup, unbeatable performance and is full of technical
The metal detector has a unique case and coil geometry and
delivers a quantum leap in immunity from vibration, electrical
interference, case distortion and thermal shock. It comes in
a range of head sizes to accommodate virtually all
It is designed for tough industrial environments and comes
with IP69K high temperature high pressure washdown
environmental protection. The IP69K test subjects the metal
detector to water between 80100 bar, at a temperature of
80ºC from a distance between 10 and 15cm.
The patented Loma IQ3 range of metal detectors are true
multifrequency machines and can operate at frequencies
between 40 and 900KHz and has the ability to autoselect
the correct operating frequency in seconds thus eliminating
the past performance restrictions caused by single or limited
frequency detectors. Changes in product and packaging no
longer require the expense and inconvenience of service
engineer setup.
The IQ3+ option has an easy to use full colour graphical touch
screen, with intuitive icon driven menus each with context
sensitive help windows. Data and reports collection to assist
HACCP and retailer compliance is made simple with an on
board Ethernet and USB port.
Loma produce a wide range of robust, reliable and
user friendly models to meet industry needs, whether
for packaged, bulkfed or pumped product.
Loma delivers better, consistent quality to your
product and plays a vital role in protecting your brand.

Benefits of Metal Detection
Metal Detection has been used in the food
processing and packaging industry for over
50 years so the technology is well tried and
Metal forms a significant percentage of
foreign bodies that can be considered
dangerous. Contamination can arise for
various reasons, for example metal can be
present in the incoming raw material, from
broken parts of plant machinery or even from
the act of sabotage.
Analysis of the risks associated with the
production process (such as HACCP within
the food industry) should lead to an indication
of the best location for metal detection
inspection. A significant trend in recent years
has been to install metal detection equipment
at various stages in the production process
as well as at the end of the line. The benefit
being that contamination can be identified
earlier and removed, with less value added to
the product and also ensures that damage to
expensive plant equipment is prevented.
Metal detectors rely on the conductive and
magnetic qualities of metal in order for them
to be detected. Where these are present in
large amounts then detection is good, such
as with magnetic steel, where they are not,
such as with nonmagnetic stainless steel,
then detection is less good. Some
conductive products (that contain salt and
water) like cheese or meats affect the
performance of metal detectors adversely, as
well as some packaging like metallised film or
foil. If the conductive product is frozen
(below 18ºC/0.4ºF) then the adverse effects
from the conductive products are largely
A metal detector reject system has to be
efficient and designed for the application to
reliably reject the contaminated product.
Metal detection plays a vital role in protecting
the brand and consumer and is key to
conforming to product safety legislation.
Finally, remember first pre and after sales
support is key to success. Training at the
time of installation, spare parts availability,
regional support, cross trained technicians
and help lines must be considered as part of
the purchase.

Technical Specification
Unique clamshell design case and coil geometry
Bifurcated and totally uniform product screen
Upgradeable metal detector controls
True multifrequency, standard operating range
from 40 to 900KHz
Performance Validation System (PVS) to aid
HACCP compliance
Various communication options to suit plant
integration protocols
32bit digital signal processing for enhanced
contaminant detection
Standard apertures on rapid delivery

Height mm

100 150 200 250 300 350
Width mm

350 450 550 650 750
Other conveyor designs and apertures available
to order.

About Loma Systems
Loma Systems is a world class manufacturer of
inspection systems, with installations in over 60
countries and in most of the world’s largest
food and packaging companies.
Loma Systems holds ISO 9001 certification
and has earned a reputation for the consistent
quality and advanced technology of its
products, the results of a continuous and far
reaching research and development
Short lead times, modular design together
with our passion for customer service,
allow you to:
1. Maximize your production uptime.
2. Maintain your selfsufficiency.
3. Help your customers comply with and
exceed consumer and government demands
for product safety.

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