Quality Print To Meet Your Demands
Squid Ink’s PZ Pilot Pro printing system is designed to
print superior quality hi-resolution characters on either
porous or non-porous surfaces. With up to 2.1″ of print
height per head, and the ability to run up to 4 printheads
from one controller, the PZ Pilot Pro offers a versatile, yet
cost effective solution for your coding applications.
Right-Size For Your Printing Application
PZ Pilot Pro 380 printheads print up to 2.1″ in height,
exceeding the GS1 specification for case code printing,
without the additional cost of a larger printhead. Larger
print engines cost more to begin with, cost more to
replace, and utilize significantly more ink. PZ Pilot Pro
offers the right size print engine for your case coding
application. Industry proven piezo technology produces
razor-sharp text and dark print for increased bar code
scannability. In addition, the PZ Pilot Pro can run at
speeds up to 167 feet/minute, ideal for most secondary
packaging lines.
Minimize Your Maintenance
The PZ Pilot Pro is designed with low maintenance
features that users have come to rely on from Squid Ink.
The PZ Pilot Pro features ATM-simple, easy to follow
user prompts to program, save and store messages.
In addition, the built-in software automatically calculates
ink usage for each message so you can modify your
messages and control your consumable costs. The
system also comes with auto configuration software that
is written to simplify setup of printing. Working with the
photocell, the system automatically calculates product
speed, making printing on your products easier while
providing consistent print quality.
Maximize Your Uptime
The PZ Pilot Pro is designed to meet the harsh demands
of your application. Stainless steel cabinetry, a durable
touchscreen keypad and stainless steel printhead allow
the PZ Pilot Pro to operate in the most extreme factory
environments. You can be confident that PZ Pilot Pro’s
rugged stainless steel design will withstand the most
abusive industrial environments while providing superior
quality print.
Affordable Ink Jet Coding
Whether you are a seasoned pro, or if you have wanted
to start printing codes on your products, but felt your
budget restricted you from doing so, the PZ Pilot Pro
offers a new level of economy. As the newest addition
to Squid Ink’s growing family of marking and coding
systems, the PZ Pilot Pro gives users more choices
for their coding applications. In addition, the Pilot Pro
utilizes ink manufactured directly by Squid Ink,
eliminating the costs caused by multiple layers of
distribution. Any way you look at it, Squid Ink’s PZ Pilot
Pro provides an affordable solution to meet your ink jet
coding needs.
The Right Solution
Rugged design. Low maintenance operation. User friendly
software. Lower cost of ownership. Your benefits go on
and on. When it comes to industrial ink jet printing, rely
on Squid Ink to provide the right solution for your
marking and coding needs.

PZ Pilot Pro Printing System Components

• Stainless controller with touchscreen user interface and dual can ink delivery system
• Up to four 380 printhead(s) with data cable(s) and ink line(s)
• Photocell and photocell mounting bracket

PZ Pilot Pro Printing System Specifications
Print Technology – Piezo impulse printhead technology
Printheads – Up to four high resolution, 380 channel
piezo printheads
Maximum Print Height – 2.1″ (53.3 mm) per 380 printhead,
meets GS1 specification for case code printing
Vertical Print Resolution – 180 dpi capable of printing razorsharp
graphics, small character text, and scannable bar codes
Horizontal Print Resolution – 180 dpi
Print Speed – Up to 167 feet/minute @ 180 dpi with
380 printhead
Time & Date – Internal real time clock with battery back-up
Product Sensor – Reflective sensor standard with dual photocell
inputs standard
Communication Interface – Four USB host, ethernet
Touchscreen – 6.4″ color display
Ink System – Active ink system; dual 400ml ink canister standard
Low Ink Indicator – Warning messages alert user on the
touchscreen display, LED beacon optional
Substrate Capabilities – Porous or non-porous surfaces
Cabinet Construction – Stainless steel, solvent-resistant color
touchscreen display
Electrical Requirements – 90 – 264 VAC, 50/60 Hz
Operating Environment – 50°F – 104°F (10°C – 40°C)
Storage Environment – 0°F – 140°F (-18°C – 60°C)
PZ Pilot Pro Software Specifications
Time & Date – Multiple formats including: 3-letter, 2-digit, 1-letter
month; 3-letter or 2-digit day; 2-digit hour; 2-digit minute; 2-digit
second; 4-digit or 2-digit year; 2-digit week; 24-hour clock or
12-hour clock with AM or PM; Julian date
Item Numbering – Four independent counters, selectable count
direction, number of digits, count by, rollover, reset value, batch
counter, all counters maintained in non-volatile memory
Shift Codes – Four programmable shift codes with automatic
Bar Codes – Code 39, Interleaved 2 of 5, UPC-A, EAN-8, EAN-13,
Code 128, UCC-128, SCC 14, SSCC-18, Postnet, MSI, DataMatrix
and PDF417 bar codes standard
Fonts – Three fonts with 10 different sizes; others can be purchased
Printing Features – Reverse, invert, inverse, rotate, repeat,
variable print density
Auto Configuration – System software can use product length and
photocell sensor to automatically configure speed
Number of Messages – 2GB flash memory available for message
storage; actual message size will vary based on content
Message Length – Maximum 120″
Graphics – Any Windows bitmap in 1-bit (black/white) format
Ink Usage – Automatically calculated for each message and
displayed on touchscreen
User Prompts – Prompts for user input at start of print job by
manual intervention on touchscreen display or scanner
Software Utilities – System software updates available via USB
Languages – User selectable between English, Spanish,
and Chinese
PZ Pilot Pro Printing System Components
• Stainless controller with touchscreen user interface and dual can ink delivery system
• Up to four 380 printhead(s) with data cable(s) and ink line(s)
• Photocell and photocell mounting bracket
PZ Pilot Pro Optional Accessories
ImageMaster Software – For message design and recall; messages can be downloaded and recalled with touchscreen keypad
Encoder – For operation with variable speed conveyors
Bar Code Laser Scanner – Allows scan and print message retrieval
Conveyor Mounting Bracket – L-Bracket for complete system with one printhead
Floor Stand – Includes mounting brackets and legs with leveling feet; 57″ (1.5m) total height
Starter Kit – Includes ink, cleaner and flush solution, flush kit, printhead wipes, hand cleaner and latex gloves
Installation and Training – On-site installation and training available