XL Series Thermal transfer printing

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• Up to 40% less expensive than traditional
thermal printer technologies without
compromising print or system quality
• High-quality printing of barcodes, text
and graphics at high-speeds of 450
prints per minute at 5mm print height
• Dual interior processors (one for printing
and one for external communications)
ensure high-speed performance despite
the complexities of real time variable
printing in many languages.
• Highly durable – elegantly simple and
strong industrial design
• Minimal downtime – 600 meters of
ribbon capacity

True Unicode & Multi-Language

• True Unicode printing enables real-time
and dynamic date coding, offset calculation,
counter, formula and variable field
printing in over 125 languages.
• Multi-Language User Interface: available
with the iView user interface can
be configured in ten standard different
Ideal for
emerging markets
/ entry-level
variable print
we mark your products.

Films and Frames
Allen Coding thermal transfer ribbons
have been specifically developed
thermal transfer printers
and produce
highest quality images, even in highspeed
printing. Different combinations
of waxes and resins, the composition of
which is coordinated with the respective
material to be printed on, are used
to produce print images with a high
scratch-resilience and durability in every
application. With our large range, Allen
Coding is also able to deliver special colours.
Our expert team should be able to
find the perfect solution for your specific
application. Extensive experience in the
coding industry, as well as close cooperation
with our ITW sister companies,
enables us to offer you many different
products and services from a

Custom Frame Design
If we do not already have a frame assembly
suited to meet your specific application
requirements from our extensive installation
portfolio, we are able to offer a custom
design and manufacturing service using
the latest in 3D modeling software.