BREITNER Model IDL / MDL Linear Filling Machines

Versatility and High Efficiency…
… for the Food • Cosmetics • Chemical • Pharmaceutical Industry

Minimisation of your operating costs is
the basis of our concept!


In 1983 filling machine technology
entered a completely new era!!
BREITNER succeeded in putting an
idea of seminal importance into
practice… flow metering in filling
The utilisation of flow metering
technology enabled tremendous
possibilities upon filling liquid products.
With this system the entire product
delivery is carried out through simple,
smooth surfaced tubing resulting in a
filling system which offers:
Exceptional filling accuracy
Unparalleled ease of cleaning
Virtually waste-free at the end of
production and on product
Minimal maintenance due to almost
no moving or wear parts
Regardless whether 20 g or 20 l,
whether mayonnaise, shampoo or
pesticides, BREITNER-fillers with flow
metering technology are ideal for almost
every filling requirement.


The BREITNER filling system offers huge cost
benefits and a high degree of flexibility.
The heart of the system is a PLC system
using extremely adaptable software to control
a technically sophisticated mechanical
system. The product supply and the various
filling systems can be considered as a flowthrough
piping system with no major moving
parts and no gaps, undercuts, domes or dead
Ideal for cleaning and product change-over.
With at least the same precision as a piston
filler but with higher output, as no time is
required for the product suction phase.

Your cost benefits at a glance:

– No change parts
– Format change-over by selecting the desired set-up program from the PLC (with a capacity of up to 200
– set-up programs)
– Optimisation of set-up parameters while the machine is running
– No low performance start-up phase after set-ups
– Huge flexibility for future products and containers
– Flexible automatic programs for cleaning and sterilisation (option)
– Cleaning programs can be expanded right up to fully automatic CIP/SIP stations (option)
– Practically maintenance-free, no wear and tear parts
– Great versatility in filling above or below surface of product (parameter saved in set-up program)
– operator interface
– Integrated modem linked to BREITNER hotline provides direct consultation with our specialists in case of
– defects or malfunctions (option)
– All volumes, from mini-bottles to canisters, filled on one machine without change parts
– Handling of abrasive products handled without problems
– Low energy consumption