BREITNER VRS / SRV / SRT Series Rotary Capping Machinery

Multi Purpose and High Efficiency...
… for the Food • Cosmetic • Chemcial • Pharmaceutical Industry

Model VRS Rotary Capping Machine
featuring torque application by means
of clutches

For pressing-on and screwing-on of a multiplicity of different
The closure tightening is performed via slip clutch or optional
magnetic clutch.
This machine is built to last!
Its tough construction offers a solid
basis for its outstanding reliability.
Advanced mechanics and the
utilisation of modern electronics
are distinguishing factors resulting in the
exceptional efficiency of this capper.
Depending upon the desired
output this machine is available
with 4, 6, 8 or 12 screw heads.
Qualities such as zero maintenance
requirements, no-tool change-over
and consequent avoidance of typical
wear parts mean the operation
costs of this BREITNER capping
machine are minimised.
BREITNER supply chucks for practically
every conceivable closures.
Kindly revert to us for advice.

Closure Infeed:
We offer the optimum solution for every closure sorting task.
Whether it is a disc unscrambler, vibratory unscrambler, elevator or centrifugal
force sorter…
BREITNER offer a professional solution for every closure type and every output.

For Combination Closures:
Whether as a stand alone or a monobloc unit in combination with a BREITNER
rotary filler, we can supply a sequential capper for stopper inserting and cap
applying or screw capper with additional placing of measuring cups…
Anything is possible !!

Model SRV Rotary Capping Machine
featuring servo driven screw heads

For press-on and aligned screw-on handling of all common closures.
Torque application and closure positioning are performed via freely
programmable, servo driven screw spindles.
Fade-free torque application
Simple central torque adjustment
in 0.1 Nm increments via
machine control
Screw-on, press-on, with alignment –
a huge variety of closures can be
Every capping action is monitored
All format related parameters are
stored in the machine’s control system
and can be retrieved at the push of a
Available with 4, 6, 8 or 12 screw heads for an output range of 7.200, 9.000, 12.000 or
15.000 closures per hour.
Confidence is good, control is better:
Your product quality is important to us !!
For your rotary capper BREITNER offer automated control and quality check features
like: No container present no cap release; container improperly capped ejection of the
corresponding container with automatically triggered machine stop upon recurring faults

Model SRT Rotary Capping Machine
In full servo execution

For the processing of a wide variety of closures featuring
suction tubes as well as screw-on and press-on closures

This machine comes equipped with
two servo drives per capping head.
Drive 1 controls the freely
programmable vertical chuck
movement enabling an electronic
cam that is stored in the
machine memory as a format
Drive 2 is also freely programmable
and controls all rotary chuck motions.
This combination allows for highly
efficient, optimised capping action.

Your advantages at a glance

Maximum flexibility
No exchanging of mechanical
Simple format change, resulting in
reduced change-over periods and
no risk of component damage
All format related machine
parameters are stored in the
machine control and can be
retrieved in seconds
Pump and trigger spray closures
of all types with suction tube of
any length can be handled
Fade-free torque application for
screw caps
Press-on caps can be applied,
even with positional alignment